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Very Clever

I liked it overall, sure made me feel like a nerd again!

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Great game, not too much strategy required

Well put together. My best criticism is that the different stages could've used different music maybe? (there's plenty of NG people that could help with this).

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This is why you are on my favorites list. Nicely done. A popular remix theme with a quality take.

ChronoNomad responds:

Thank you kindly! Such compliments truly make the time and effort worthwhile. :)

I kept waiting for something to happen in this mix, and it just never did. I've tried to remix this song myself, but it's a really difficult one. Try to vary the beat and maybe freestyle a bar or two using pads and arpeggios after playing the theme once or twice. Can go a long way into making a remix unique not only from other mixes, but from the original track. Keep working on it!

The instrumentation feels a little lacking in some parts, and the transitions are a little rough, but it's a good move towards doing songs like the Black Mages. Nice work. Keep working on it though.

JDawg00100 responds:

I held up on calling this a medley because of the pretty bad transitions. And without bass it isn't really the same. Thanks for the review.

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That's tight!

Really good drawing man. Would be neat to see it all outlined (drawn over) with black pen to emphasize it. The ogre-looking thing that is devouring is incredible!

I do mostly video game remixes found in the Audio Portal. If anyone has suggestions or requests for a song from a particular game, shoot me a PM, I just might make it! ;)

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